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Oil & Gas Investments

KTM Energy actively seeks investment opportunities in the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas industry, such as:

  • Mineral & Royalty Interests

  • Non-Operated Working Interest Participation

  • Oil & Gas Leasing Opportunities

  • Crude Oil Pipelines

  • Crude Oil Terminals


In reviewing investment opportunities, we diligently evaluate each proposal to make timely responses with the anticipation of creating long term associations with our partners. 


Please submit your investment opportunity by clicking this link.

Since KTM Energy occasionally makes a portion of its investment opportunities available to a select group of industry and private equity partners, we actively seek to associate with companies that have the same investment principles and integrity as we do. 

KTM Energy currently owns (independently, with partners, through its principal or affiliated companies) interests in:

  • Crude Oil Pipelines

  • Crude Oil Terminal

  • Mineral & Royalty Interests

  • Non-Operated Working Interests

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